I've had over 25 different jobs. I know exactly how it feels to be stuck in your career.

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I’ve worked for tiny startups and Fortune 100 companies. In industries that I had zero experience in and others that I knew like the back of my hand.

I started off at the bottom and worked my way up, thinking that more happiness and fulfillment was just on the other side of the next promotion.

When it wasn’t, I jumped to the next job, confident that the grass was greener on the other side.

And, so this cycle continued until I’d racked up 25 different jobs in the course of my very short career.

This, as you can imagine, got really old, really quick.

At job 25, I decided it might be worth taking a closer look at what I wanted in my career instead of starting job number 26.

I did some soul searching, got clear on what mattered most in my life, and then started making decisions in my career that aligned with my values and life outside of work.

That’s when the magic happened.

I found my dream career, went from making 27k to six figures, started my own career coaching practice, and finally had a life that reflected my full potential.

So, when I tell you that it doesn’t matter where you are right now in your career, I mean it.

You can get out of the job you feel stuck in. You can find a more fulfilling career. You can make more money. And, you can live a life that reflects who you are!

It is possible. And, I can help.

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Your dream career is just on the other side of your confusion & self-doubt.  

Where are you in your career right now?

Maybe you’re stuck in a job you hate, where every hour feels like an eternity. Perhaps you live for the weekends, telling yourself that if you can just make it until Friday, things will improve.

And, the week passes, the weekend arrives, and your troubles temporarily fade until the inauspicious Sunday blues set in. And, the dread, anxiety, and unease your job brings sets in.

Monday arrives, and so the cycle goes.

Sounds pretty terrible, right?

Yet, this was my reality for almost a decade.

Take it from me, spending most of your time in a job you dread every day ain’t a cake walk.  

Yet, millions of spend most of their career stuck and unhappy.  

Your time is your most precious resource.

Which is why it’s vital you spend it doing the things that bring you joy, meaning, and fulfillment.

Once it’s gone, it’s gone forever.

Thankfully, you’re in the driver’s seat, and you have choices.

You can continue to spend 8+ hours a day in a job that sucks the life out of you.


You can belly up to the bar, take control of the situation, and change it.

I’d recommend, option number two. 

You already know exactly what you want in your career. You just might not believe it, yet.

To get out of the miserable job you’re in and find your ideal career, you have to identify the limiting beliefs holding you back.

To get lasting results and finally find a career that makes you happy, you have to get to the root of the issue.  And, the root of the issue often consists of thoughts and beliefs that have held you back for so long, that you believe them to be true.  

And that’s where most people get tripped up.

They jump  jump from job to job with the same limiting thoughts and beliefs that created their unfulfillment and unease in the first place.

And, as you might imagine, after a few short months, the same anxiety and dread that they hoped to avoid is back again.

My coaching program is designed to not only help you find a more fulfilling job by identifying and eliminating the limiting beliefs holding you back, it will provide you with the tools to create fulfillment in all areas of your life, not just your career.

You can go from living paycheck to paycheck to six figures. From a job you hate to one that you love!

You can learn to trust yourself without needing the approval or praise of others.  From a career to a calling, where you leave a lasting impact in the lives of others and the world.  

To a life where you thrive, rather than simply get by. 

I’ve helped other young professionals do the each of those using the same, simple process I used in my career.   

One thought at a time, one belief at a time until you get the results you know you’re capable of.  

You are worthy of joy and fulfillment.  And, you can achieve it.  

Are you going to step up to the plate and make it happen?

Ready to Find Your Dream Career?


Self Confidence Is Testimonial #1
-Emily P.

Working with Justin was an incredible experience. He helped me recognize my self-doubt and question why it was there. Because of my sessions with him, I completely stepped out of my comfort zone. He encouraged me to do it one step at a time so that my goals finally felt achievable. I’m now working towards a goal that used to just be one of those “Oh, if I won the lottery this is what I would do…” dreams and I never would have thought it was possible without meeting with him.


Dr. Justin is a great coach. His ability to help me navigate my own thoughts was impressive. He was able to help me dig deeper into my own beliefs and understand why I was thinking or reacting a certain way. He’s also easy to work with. There’s no judgement or pressure. He’s there to facilitate and ensure you’re getting what you need. If something wasn’t working, he’d easily pivot to find what did.

-Katie C.
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