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You're a new life coach...but you don't have any paying clients.

Sound familiar?


You became a life coach because you wanted to help people.  Not just help them, but actually change their lives in wildly magical ways.  


Helping people is in your DNA.  It’s what drives you to do the work you do and the idea of building a profitable coaching business makes you as giddy as a 2nd grader with a birthday party at Skate-A-Round (may or may not have been me)…


But, you’re not quite there yet.


Because being a good life coach and running a profitable business are two totally different things.  


You can be a spectacular coach who gets your clients massive results, and not make a damn dime.  

As a new life coach, figuring out websites, brand colors, finding the perfect niche, and the hundreds of other things that all the biz gurus tell you need is overwhelming and frankly, downright depressing.

When you’re brand new, you’ll turn to everyone else for business advice and strategies in hopes of building a solid business.  But, what happens when you’ve tried all that and still don’t have any clients?


All of the self-doubt and fear starts to creep in and it’s game over.  You spiral into the black hole of doom never to return. 


This is where most new life coaches get into trouble.  And I can say that, because I was one of them.


Let me explain…


When you’re starting something new your brain’s MO is to stop you from doing it.  It does this because it’s trying to keep you safe, it sees the new thing you’re doing as imminent death and will fight you tooth and nail to try and get you to stay put in what’s predictable and safe. 


What this means as a new life coach is that your brain is going to try and persuade you to quit and when it’s not doing that, it’ll make you second guess yourself, your choices, and basically do everything in its power to bring you to a screeching halt. 


As a new coach you’ll likely turn to literally anyone and everything in hopes of getting this thing off the ground.  You’ll doubt your instinct, listen to others, and try to find an exact blueprint for success. 


No need to panic, this happens to the best of us, the only problem is that it often doesn’t work. 


You might find a gem along the way, but what works for one coach, might not work for another.  


Which means you’re gonna have to learn to trust your good ole’ self. 


This seems counterintuitive for most of us, because we’ve been submersed in a culture that primes us to doubt our abilities, to trust our instinct, and instead turn to others for their expertise and approval. 

So, how do you get your coaching practice off the ground and make your first $1,000?

I’m so glad you asked, because in the grand scheme of things, you only need to do three things consistently. 


Drum roll please….


  1. Embody a life coach
  2. Craft a Strong Offer
  3. Find Your People

That’s it.  Nothing else. 


But, those three things are easier said than done because each one requires the unwavering belief in yourself and your abilities to get your clients results.


What does that mean when for a new life coach?

As a new coach, you'll literally turn to anyone or anything to try and get this thing off the ground.

You’ll second-guess your experience and ignore the hunches you have about your business because they might not align with all the other business recommendations you’ve heard from the supposed “experts.”


And, this is where most new life coaches hit a road block, because building a profitable coaching practice requires an unshakeable relationship with yourself. Business coaches can share the best strategies in the world, but there isn’t a blueprint for success that every life coach can follow, if that was the case everybody would be making millions of dollars right now.


When I started my business, I turned to everyone else for advice and it cost me a lot of time and money. What I learned after finally getting my business off the ground is that the stronger relationship I have with myself, the faster my coaching practice grows.


Let me explain.


A business coach can help you strategize to the ends of the world, but they can’t actually make you money. Making money in your business comes from inside you. It the energy that you put out into the world when you’re meeting people and talking about your offer. It is unspoken and can’t be seen, but it can be felt. People can smell bullshit and if you don’t believe in yourself as a coach, your offer, or your abilities to succeed in business, you likely won’t make much money in your business.


Which means the quickest way to make money in your business is to start developing confidence in yourself, which is why I created the Owning Your Life Coaching Genius Program. It’s a coaching experience designed to help you become a better coach with a stronger offer that clients want, and the ability to talk to potential clients without sounding like a weirdo.


The goal here is for you to:

1. Make your first $1,000

2. Start trusting yourself when it comes to making decisions in your business (the more you do this, the faster you grow, and the more money you make)


Enter the Owning Your Genius Life Coaching Program. 

Owning Your Genius Life Coaching Program

How does it work?


Over the course of three months, we’ll meet once weekly to get your business up and running, so that you start booking actual paying clients! 


YES! Who doesn’t love helping people and getting paid for it?


The breakdown…


Step 1: Embody a Life Coach

To start making money in your business, you have to start being a life coach. Being a strong coach means owning your shit. And believe you me when I tell you, that your shit will bubble up as you start your business. Which means it’s imperative that you face it head on so that you can coach your clients on theirs. To get better as a coach, you have to be willing to work on yourself, it is the lifeblood of your business. And, that’s what we’ll do together in every session. We’ll uncover, identify, and root out any and all of the limiting thoughts and beliefs that keep you from growing your business and having a boat load of happy ass clients who love you and refer you to all their friends.


One of the main reasons you don’t have paying clients yet is because you haven’t fully embodied the identity of a life coach and thus likely don’t fully believe in your abilities to coach your clients and get them results. Once you fully step into this identity, clients will come and they will gladly pay you for your coaching because you embody someone they trust and know can help them. Oh, and you’ll also have more confidence in yourself (which as I mentioned earlier, means more money for your business).


Okay, so you’ve stepped into your identity as a damn good life coach, now what?


Step 2: Craft a Strong Offer


A strong offer is another staple in your business. It is the service that you’re offering to clients. The very solution to all of the problems that keep your clients up at night. Which means it needs to be well thought out.


If you don’t have paying clients yet, it doesn’t mean your offer is shit. It just means it needs a little work. And, surprise surprise, it’s not the super complicated process a lot of life coaches make it out to be. That being said, we’ll do a deep dive into your values, interests, and skills to craft a hella good offer for your clients. One that’s easy to understand and that you believe in 100%.


Which means that you’ll have no problem sharing or explaining what you do to other people and your energy will practically sizzle with your confidence and excitement in what you’re doing because you believe in it.


A solid offer = paying clients


Step 3: Find Your People 

It’s hard for clients to hire you if they don’t know you exist. Which means you’re gonna have to tell some people that you’re a life coach and you want to help them. It doesn’t matter how you do it; in-person, online, social media, whatever you fancy. But, it must be done.


And, this is the hardest part for most coaches, because doing it brings up all their self-doubts, fear of rejection, etc. (see step 1). In the final stretch we’ll strategize about how to share your amazing offer with the world without being weird, creepy, or feeling sleazy. Like the other two pillars of your business, we’ll do a deep dive into your preferences, personality traits, and strengths to craft a foolproof plan to share your brilliance with the world.


Much like the previous two steps in this program, we’ll dig deep here to uncover all of the limiting thoughts and beliefs holding you back from telling the world you’re an amazing life coach and help them.


Which is is true btw. As a life coach you are literally changing the very trajectory of the human race one client at a time. Why wouldn’t you want to share that with every single person you come across?

The Owning Your Genius Life Coaching Breakdown

Ready to do this?  Click on the link below to setup a free consult call to see if we’re a match and let’s get you to your first $1,000 as a life coach. 

What are past clients saying?

“My coaching with Justin has been transformational. I really appreciate how he partnered with me so I was able to create meaningful, impactful change in my life. As a consequence of working with Justin, I have had “aha” moments that have propelled me toward a deeper, personal level of self-awareness and growth. 

His coaching is facilitated from a place of authenticity and true investment in my success, while challenging me when appropriate to dig a bit deeper. He is a competent coach, utilizing an effective coaching structure, while also being flexible to whatever topic I wanted to explore in our time together. Justin listens with his whole being and provides reflections and questions that made me feel seen, heard and validated, and partnered with me to be comfortable digging a bit deeper into limiting mindsets that were holding me back and no longer serving me.


I am immensely grateful for the opportunity to have worked with Justin – I am better because of it. I would trust Justin to be an excellent partner and coach to any client who wants to make meaningful, impactful change in his or her life.”

-Katie F.