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1 Goal: 6 Weeks

Ready to take one mighty-big leap toward the life you know you’re capable of living?

We’ve all been there, luckily, we don’t have to stay there.  

With 1 Goal: 6 Weeks you choose one goal and we work together 1:1 to achieve that goal in 6 weeks or less by identifying and replacing all of the not so great thoughts and beliefs keeping you stuck in a rut.    

Whether it’s signing your first client, losing 15 lbs, asking for a raise at work, or being able to look at yourself in the mirror and say “I love you!,” in 6 weeks you can be in a totally different place, all you have to do is decide that it’s time a for change.    

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The Profitable Creative

Are you a new life coach or spirit-led entrepreneur who wants to  share your gifts with others and change this crazy world we live in for the better

In this 12 week program, you’ll learn the fundamentals of starting and growing a business so that you can start radically impacting the world through your art, oh and getting paid for it! 

Whether you’re a coach, artist, educator, healer, or other creative type, this 1:1 program is designed to get your business off the ground and help you sign your first paying clients.

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