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What if I told you it took over 25 different jobs and three degrees until I found my dream career.  Crazy right!

Maybe you’re in a similar boat.  You’ve spent years of your life working in a specific career or toward a goal, and suddenly you have that a-ha moment and realize that you can’t do this for the rest of your life.  

So, you set out on a quest to figure out what’s next. 

Well, you’re not alone.  After 25 different jobs and a Ph.D. to boot, I still felt something was missing. 

Enter the dreaded quarter-life crisis. 

The Unmistakable Quarter-Life Crisis and 7 Signs You May be Having One

A quarter-life crisis is a period in your mid-twenties to thirties where you do some good ole’ soul searchin’ in an attempt to make more meaning and sense of the world and your purpose in it.

7 Signs of a Quarter Life Crisis

  1. You’re starting to question your life purpose and what you’re meant to do 
  2. You’re intelligent, successful, and highly motivated, but, feel stuck
  3. You can’t distinguish between your head and heart, and feel confused and overwhelmed about your future
  4. You’re questioning your social circle, is hitting the bar every weekend really that much fun 
  5. You have an intense urge to reinvent yourself and what you do
  6. You’re confused about who you really are and what you want
  7. You’re tired of living for everybody else and ready create a life and career on your terms

You're in the right place if...

  • You want to get unstuck and into a career you love
  • You want to gain more clarity about why you’re here and what kind of career that entails
  • You want to overcome the fear and self-doubt that’s been holding you back from advancing professionally
  • You want to make more money
  • You want the flexibility to live life on your terms
  • You want to accomplish more without feeling burnt-out
  • You want to make a positive difference in the world 

My Background

As a kid, I spent most of my time imagining what it would be like to have magical powers. My brother and I spent hours pretending that we could fly, move things with our minds, and cooking up secret potions (think Hermione in potions class). And, I imagined that one day, I’d have a job that was just as much fun as the things I enjoyed as a kid.

But…things didn’t exactly go to plan. And, I found myself in multiple jobs that just plain…well, for lack of better words, sucked.

So I job hopped, to over 25 different jobs, thank you very much. Until one day in my mid-twenties, I found something enjoyable, that I felt made a difference in the world. I went from an entry-level advising position within a small university to a director at a large university in an astonishingly short amount of time. During that time, I completed a master’s and a doctorate in preparation for a long career in academia.

Definition of a Life Coach 3

And, for the most part, I enjoyed it, until one day I didn’t…

That’s when I decided it was time to get serious about figuring out what I wanted to do with my life.

After antagonizing over it for six straight months, I did what most people told me not to; I left a promising career in higher education.

At the time, I felt crazy! Who in their right mind would up and leave something they’d worked so hard for? Oh, and yours truly, didn’t have another job lined up.

Nerp, instead, the very next day, I jumped on a plane for a stint in Europe to get some clarity and clear my head.

After the anxiety attacks and shock wore off, I felt a deep sense of peace for the first time in years.

And, while on my trip, I realized that the stories I’d been telling myself throughout my career were in large part the reason that I felt stuck and confused. These stories fed my limiting self-beliefs, self-doubt, and fears about stepping out on my own and starting a business. So much so that I spent a decade of my life letting this particular fear rule the roost. 

And, that’s when I realized that there is no job that I could ever take that would allow me to fulfill my greater life purpose.  It was now or never baby!

Instinctively, I knew that I wanted to help people. The only way that I could make the positive impact I wanted was to start my own coaching practice.

Are you ready to get unstuck and find your dream career?

So why am I sharing my story with you?

Maybe you’re in a similar spot. You feel trapped in a hopeless job that’s draining you of your precious time and energy. You know you’re capable of more but not so sure about what those great things are.

Good news!  You can change that.  And, it starts with one simple decision.

Whether you want more clarity about your life purpose, more money, a dream job, to lose 25 pounds, or to just be plain happy, all of those things are possible. Take a second right now to imagine how good it would feel to have clarity in your life, to be making the amount of money that would allow you to make choices based on your preferences, not the cost, to spend time with your friends and family when you want, and to have a partner that loved and supported you and all of your dreams.

If you’re ready to create a new career and life for yourself, click on the button below and let’s setup a call and get started today!

Random tidbits about me...

  • I grew up in the mountains of Western, North Carolina
  • I was 2nd in the nation for dairy judging and even got a scholarship out of it!  People are always like, waitwhuuut? Google 4-H dairy judging
  • I love baking, especially cakes.  My biggest so far was a four tiered beaut’ that served 150
  • In 2019, I did completed my first solo loop in Europe and it changed my life

I’d love to learn more about you.  Feel free to drop me a line using the button below.  





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