about me

Hey there! I'm Justin and I teach new life coaches how to make their first $1,000.

My Story

It took me over 10 years to decide that I actually wanted to be a life coach.  Then I got my certification and figured the rest was a piece of cake….


HA! If only.


My certification taught me all about being a good coach, asking the right questions, leading a strong session, and showing up for my clients, but it barely scratched the surface of getting a my practice off the ground. 


And, by off the ground, I mean with actual paying clients.  The ones that give you money in exchange for your coaching expertise.  


Thankfully, I’m a pretty fast learner and after some major face-plants I figured it out.  


Here’s what I learned: Being a successful coach and being a successful business owner are two totally separate things.  


You can be a damn good coach and not make a dime.  


To get your coaching practice off the ground you need three things: 


1: A strong offer

2: A basic understanding of the coaching process

3: People who are willing to pay you


When you bring these three things together successfully, the money will start to come in and your business will grow.  


But, getting there, especially when you’re starting out, can be a big pain in the ass, especially if you do it alone.  Just imagine if Bilbo decided to return the ring to Mordor without his squad?  Or, if Harry Potter blew off Hermione and Ron and decided he could find the horcruxes by himself? 


Maybe they would’ve made it, but it woulda taken them a hella of a lot longer.    


Building a profitable coaching practice is a marathon, not a sprint which means you need some cheerleaders and support along the way. 


And, that my friend is where I can help.  Click on the button below to learn how. 

Other random deets about me...

A little about me…

  • I’m a Sagittarius.  Clumsy, lover of shiny things, straight to the point, and half glass full kinda guy. 
  • I’ve had about every job imaginable.  No seriously, over 25 in my shortish career. 
  • I’m not shy about money.  I used to be really bad at managing it, meaning my broke ass didn’t have any.  But, now I make a lot, which means you can too even if you’re broke or massively in debt. 
  • I have a PhD in Education and planned on being a university chancellor or provost before I learned just how soul sucking public administration can be.
  • I use all kinds of wild things in my business.  Manifestation, astrology, meditation, writing myself love letters, wearing crystals, you name it, I’ve done it.
  • I really like helping people, like a lot.  This has been the one constant throughout my life which is one of the primary reasons I’m a life coach. 

“Dr. Justin has a gift for relating to his clients through shared experiences while keeping the focus on his client and on their progress. He is the ideal person if you are looking for someone to help you become the best version of yourself.”

-Cara. G.