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Hey there! I'm Justin and I teach creative millennials how to start and grow successful online businesses.

My Story

Ever since I was a kid (literally 7 years old when I started selling stuff I’d made door-to-door), I knew I wanted to be an entrepreneur.  


Throughout school I dreamed of doing things my way, making a shit-ton of money, and most importantly being my own boss.  Nobody breathing down my neck, telling me what to do.  


As I got older though, I heard more and more about how risky entrepreneurship was.  I mean so and so started their own business and failed, surely the same fate would befall a total novice like me, right? 


I took this well-meaning advice to heart. And, against my inner knowing, after college, I found a decent job and continued the grind for years to come. 


This was all well and good, except each of the jobs I worked in, made the idea of putting my finger in a mouse trap look fun.  They weren’t inspiring and in short, I hated every minute I spent doing them. 


No bueno.  


Yet, I still couldn’t pull the trigger.  I wouldn’t entertain the possibility of owning my own business.  All of the chatter and bullshit we hear about owning a business stopped from me taking the plunge.  


I was too scared.  It was too risky.  I couldn’t do it. 


And, so my journey continued. 


At 27, I had this crazy idea about being a life coach.  I fantasized about all the clients I’d have,  how many people I could help, and how amazing it’d be to do my own thing.  


And, once again, I talked myself out of it.  Too risky.  I’m not skilled enough.  Someone like me couldn’t possibly start a business and succeed.  


Does any of this sound familiar? 


I bought into this line of thinking to the point that I went and got a PhD, thinking I’d do the responsible thing and one day be the Chancellor of a university. 


But, that wasn’t how things played out.  I got to the point in my career where my physical health started to decline. I was depressed, anxious, and miserable.  Even after 1100 mg of anxiety meds a day, I still had that sinking feeling that something was missing. 


And, that’s when I decided I’d take the plunge.  That one way or another, I was going to do what made me happy.  So I got my Life Coaching certification and started my own practice. And, I was pretty damn good at it, thank you very much! 


But, I still had this feeling that something was missing.  And, that’s when I figured out what it was.


As a life coach,  I kept working with people who wanted to start their own business or already started one and needed a bit of help growing it. Now, all the pieces finally were falling into place. 


And, I got the hint. 


My skills and experience are best suited for helping potential and current entrepreneurs start and grow creative businesses.  Now, I get to help potential and current business owners bring their dreams and visions to life…and get paid for it! 


And, chances are if you’re still reading this, you fall in one of those categories.  Your soul is yearning to express itself through a creative business that brings joy and beauty to the world in your own unique way.  


And, that’s where I can help.  


I can help you start your entrepreneurial journey and grow your business so that you can do what brings you joy, earn as much money as you want, and finally wake up each morning looking forward to the day ahead.  


Click on the link below to get started.

“Dr. Justin has a gift for relating to his clients through shared experiences while keeping the focus on his client and on their progress. He is the ideal person if you are looking for someone to help you become the best version of yourself.”

-Cara. G.

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