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Let me tell you a story. 


When I started my coaching practice, I was all over the place.  I wasn’t signing clients because I was focused on all the wrong things. 

I needed to figure out where to spend my time and what to focus on.  And through trial and error, I did just that, but it cost me a lot of time and money.

This got me thinking about all the other new coaches out there experiencing the same thing.   And then, one day, it hit me. When my business took off and started growing, I focused on three things.   


Drum roll please.  

There are three simple, but not easy steps to signing paying clients.

Step 1: Nail Your Offer

A strong offer is a staple in your business. It is the service that you’re offering to clients. The solution to all the problems that keep your clients up at night. Which means it needs to be well thought out and simple to understand.


Which is where most clients get stuck. They either don’t know how they want to help people, their offer is hard to understand, or they don’t believe in it.  


Together, we’ll do a deep dive into your values, interests, and skills to craft a hella good offer for your clients. One that’s easy to understand and that you believe in 100%. You’ll have no problem sharing or explaining what you do to others. Your energy will practically sizzle with your confidence and excitement in what you’re doing because you believe in it. And clients will want to learn more about the great work you’re doing. 


A solid offer = paying clients


Step 2: Marketing Your Business 


It’s easier for clients to hire you if they know you exist. This means you’re gonna have to tell some people that you’re a life coach and want to help them. It doesn’t matter how you do it; in-person, online, social media, or whatever you fancy. It must be done. 


And this is the hardest part for most coaches because doing it brings up all their self-doubts, fear of rejection, etc. During our time together, we’ll strategize how to share your fantastic offer with the world without feeling weird, creepy, or sleazy. No sliding into DM’s here. 


We’ll dive deeply into your preferences, personality traits, and strengths to craft a foolproof plan to share your brilliance with the world in a way that feels authentic to you.   


And in the process, we’ll uncover all the limiting thoughts and beliefs holding you back from telling the world you’re a fantastic life coach available to help them.


Step 3: Learning How To Sell 


Okay, you’ve got a bangin’ offer, you’re telling people you’re open for business, and someone reaches out to ask about what you’re doing? 

What’s next? Selling, of course! 


You’ll learn how to lead a successful coaching consultation and sell your coaching service with integrity.  


No sleazy used car sales pitches or pushy tactics. Who doesn’t hate those?


Instead, you’ll learn how to structure your consultation calls, ask questions to learn more about your clients and their needs, create a customized coaching solution on the call, and ask for their business and start working with them.  


Selling is the doorway to service. And that it can be fun when it’s done with integrity. 


That’s all it takes to get your business off the ground and sign your first paying clients. Which means you probably only have one question left.


Why Now?

One of the main questions most of us ask when considering a large purchase is why? Why should I buy or invest in this?


Here’s why: 


I designed this program, especially for life coaches. It takes all the guesswork out of getting your business off the ground. It provides a framework to manage your mind and the actions needed to grow your business. Which is an unstoppable combination that you can use to make literally hundreds of thousands of dollars. With it, you can make your money back and then use the same process to grow your coaching practice as big as you want in a way that feels authentic to you.   


Imagine how your business will change when you sign your first few clients? Your confidence will skyrocket, your joy and enjoyment will go through the roof, and your energy and excitement will be contagious. You’ll have 3-d proof that you can do this, and more importantly, you’ll know in your bones that you’re doing your soul’s work. That you’re headed in the right direction and positively impacting the lives of all your clients.

That’s what’s possible for you, so why waste any more time or put it off a single day longer?


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The Breakdown

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What are past clients saying?

“My coaching with Justin has been transformational. I really appreciate how he partnered with me so I was able to create meaningful, impactful change in my life. As a consequence of working with Justin, I have had “aha” moments that have propelled me toward a deeper, personal level of self-awareness and growth. 

His coaching is facilitated from a place of authenticity and true investment in my success, while challenging me when appropriate to dig a bit deeper. He is a competent coach, utilizing an effective coaching structure, while also being flexible to whatever topic I wanted to explore in our time together. Justin listens with his whole being and provides reflections and questions that made me feel seen, heard and validated, and partnered with me to be comfortable digging a bit deeper into limiting mindsets that were holding me back and no longer serving me.


I am immensely grateful for the opportunity to have worked with Justin – I am better because of it. I would trust Justin to be an excellent partner and coach to any client who wants to make meaningful, impactful change in his or her life.”

-Katie F.

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